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Bina Qurani’ Daily Activities

Bina Qurani Islamic School implements a boarding school system, where all students are required to live in the Bina Qurani dormitory. Hence, the majority of students’ time is spent in the mosque, the study room, and the dormitory.

During their stay at Bina Qurani, students are provided with an array of diverse and significant activities. These activities, in essence, lead to the realization of Bina Qurani’ vision and mission, i.e. to develop students who memorize the Qur’an, master information technology, are proficient in Arabic and English, and become civilized students. Noteworthy daily activities comprise among others:

  1. Memorizing the Qur’an one page a day.
  2. Studying tajwid and tahsin theoretically and practically.
  3. Following the latest IT curriculum practicum.
  4. Communicating in Arabic and English through ‘Usbū’ al-Lughah, English Week, and Arabic and English Club programs.
  5. Internalization of Bina Qurani’ civilization culture and internalization of civilization through the intensification of shar’i knowledge with the classical bersanad holy books.

Bina Qurani’ educators constantly oversee the whole series of daily activities as a concrete effort in jointly establishing a qur’anic generation.

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