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Conquering the World with IT

Within the last few decades, no one can arguably withstand the rapid pace of technological advances. Not only is technology consumed by adults, but adolescents and even children have also begun to enjoy the beauty of various high-tech gadgets today. Technology is a “word” that may pose various threats to the growth and development of children. As such, parents’ discretion is essential. The grip of technology in almost every sector has compelled us to change lifestyles by relying on diverse IT-related matters.

Other than instilling the basic values of Islam with the concept of qur’anic education, Bina Qurani Islamic School seeks to give all students the appropriate portion to master the basics of IT. The IT curriculum initiated by experienced practitioners is designed in accordance with the students’ needs parallel with the development of the IT world. The curriculum is formulated to appropriately complement the current curriculum. The mastery of IT, of course, is to be supplemented by an understanding of the limits engendered by the threat of various easily accessible negative content and media regardless of the place and time. Bina Qurani ensures the existence of such an understanding.

It is no exaggeration to say that Bina Qurani promises IT knowledge for all students, proficiency in the appropriate IT basics they can further develop in the future. Not only are Bina Qurani graduates expected not only to master shar’i knowledge, but also to be proficient in IT and thus able to contribute to the development of different programs and applications that are beneficial to the world community to jointly build a qur’anic generation.

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