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Core Curriculum

One of the most essential elements of any school is the curriculum. High-quality output is engendered by high-quality curriculum. The quality required in this millennial era lies in how students master science and information technology and are able to communicate in Arabic and English in everyday conversation. Arabic and English are, nonetheless, the appropriate media to conquer today’s global world.

Moreover, Muslim students must never forget their Islamic roots. Under no circumstances can a Muslim lose their Islamic identity as at present, a number of students are highly skillful in science and technology but have overlooked Islamic values. A curriculum is therefore required to encourage the success of students, both in religion and the world.

To produce high-quality output, both in religion and the world, Bina Qurani Islamic School is the solution. Bina Qurani delivers a combination of  national education curriculum and diniyah (religion) curriculum, in which the core curriculum and curriculum targets are as follows:

  1. 30 Juz of Qur’an Tahfiz.
  2. Tajweed and Tahsin with strong proficiency theoretical targets and appropriate practice.
  3. Mastering the basics of IT with an up-to-date curriculum.
  4. Proficient in Arabic and English.
  5. Studying shar’i knowledge through the classical bersanad holy books.

With this curriculum, Bina Qurani’ output is expected to be a Muslim of faith, piety, and noble character and excel in the global competition to jointly establish a qur’anic generation.

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