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Mastering the Languages of the World

islamic boarding school

Proficiency in Arabic and English are the key factors to conquer the world. Mastering these two languages means paving the road to success. Bina Qurani Islamic School encourages students not only to master the theories and rules of the two international languages but also to use Arabic and English as the language of daily communication.

By mastering Arabic, students will be able to expand their Islamic knowledge based on the direct primary sources. The main sources of Islamic knowledge are written in Arabic, such as the Holy Qur’an, the hadis of the prophet, and the main books of the shar’i knowledge. Arabic is also a symbol of Islam and Muslims and is a mandatory provision for prospective leaders of the congregation.

On the other hand, by mastering English, one can communicate with the international world, keep abreast of technological developments, and expand one’s knowledge at the global level. In this era of globalization and technology that is developing very rapidly, mastering English is the key to conquering the world.

Learning Arabic and English at Bina Qurani is convenient, practical, and enjoyable. The system applied in the learning of these two languages is direct practice under the guidance of teachers in their respective fields and Bina Qurani educators, namely Ustaz Dr. Abdul Wahid, Lc., M.E.I., Ustaz Dr. Abu Mujahid al-Ghifari, Lc., M.E.I., Ustaz Umar Muhsin, Lc., M.Pd.I., Ustaz Fitri Priyanto, Lc., M.M.. They (Bina Qurani educators) are Middle Eastern alumni who provide the students with Arabic language skills. Correspondingly, at Bina Qurani, the English tutors are English literature graduates.

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