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Together Building a Qur’anic Generation

Bina Qurani Islamic School is the go-to place to prepare the qur’anic generation. Bina Qurani students interact with the Qur’an on a daily basis, starting from reading the Qur’an, memorizing it, studying its laws, conducting tadabur, and practicing the values therein. In this process, Bina Qurani students are mentored by experienced educators and teachers and supported by a conducive environment. In the mentoring process, students are thus fully guided in their understanding and practice.

The determination in preparing the qur’anic generation at Bina Qurani is evidenced by the allocation of time used to interact with the Qur’an, which is 70% of the total hours of study at school. In addition, the educators of Bina Qurani are personally involved in teaching shar’i knowledge thus enabling the students to attain a comprehensive understanding of the teachings of Islam as an important foundation for the qur’anic generation.

Not only does Bina Qurani’s play an important role as a school in which students learn about shar’i knowledge, Bina Qurani also serves as a center for Qur’an education, in which Muslims generally study the Qur’anic and other shar’i knowledge. This is solely aimed at contributing to the joint efforts to build a qur’anic generation.

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