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About US

Bina Qurani Islamic School is an educational institution that provides the convenience of teaching and learning Qur’an and the syar’i knowledge for all educators, students, and parents. Situated in Situ Gede, ​​West Bogor in the seam of three lakes (Situ Gede, Situ Burung, and Situ Panjang), BinaQuis seeks to realize the concept of qur’anic education in a conducive natural atmosphere for the convenience of the teaching and learning process.

Qur’an-based curriculum is the focus of learning at BinaQuis. Moreover, students will learn syar’i knowledge enabling them to better understand their religion. Learning the Qur’an and syar’i knowledge will be facilitated by BinaQuis educators who have completed education in several Islamic educational institutions, both in Indonesia and abroad. Additionally, BinaQuis students will be equipped with IT knowledge that is essential for their future. Apart from IT, students will be provided with a number of extra-curricular activities.

In support of the learning process, our four BinaQuis educators are assisted by professional teachers who have undergone several stages of recruitment. Values ​​in the recruitment process include mastery of scientific disciplines, psychology, and of course, the experience of being an educator. Other than for teachers, the recruitment for educational and other supporting staff is also conducted in several stages. A perfect blend of selected, capable human resources and series of activities tailored to the students’ needs will motivate students in learning and sharing the knowledge given.

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